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docker cpus the Transformers Wiki is the unofficial blender loop cut selection knowledge database of american indian sex articles that anyone can edit or add to! WoW Classic TBC Phase 3 Beast Mastery Hunter BiS & Prio Guide. Starting in phase 3, we now have access to the armor pen and haste gear for Beast Mastery Hunter. Depending on whether your bosses, you're going to be fighting have 6200 armor or 7700 armor, your beer skater set will look slightly different.

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Good CC variety: stuns, roots, disorients, etc. Feral has massive armor in Bear Form which makes him tankier against melee opponents. Good healing assistance from the Feral. Poison abolish! Rogue is buffing Feral's damages with hemo/expose. Rogue is buffed by the +5% critical strike aura from the Feral. 185 armor pen = 1% damage increase (based on a Target having 8000 armor ) reducing this increases your dps. Some bosses have 7500 armor and others have more and any debuffs will increase your dps. You ignore some of the enemies armor so. Orcs' Blood Fury racial gets updated in TBC to affect Spell Power. That's 143 Spell Power for 15 seconds. It's basically an additional On-Use Trinket that stacks with your other cooldowns. Given that TBC parsing is all about stacking as many +spell power procs, potions and trinkets on top of Blood Lust and Drums, this racial is absurdly.

Darkmoon card: Blue Dragon is still very good in TBC for spirit based healers. The shield trinket from Viscidus or badge of the swarm gaurd armor pen. Basically any trinket in BWL/AQ40/Naxx that mostly retain their crazy flat numbers or % based increases. In Classic and TBC , a Rogue's Improved Expose Armor is superior to Sunder Armor in that it cuts out that last 300 boss armor for a ~5%+ physical dps increase. But, warriors obtain Devastate which deals more damaged based on the number of Sunders on a target, aka no bonus damage with a rogue's IEA. Also raids generally don't bring heavy melee dps in <b>TBC</b> because,. TBC Classic Feral Dps Druid Best in Slot (BiS) Gear List ... Nethercobra Leg Armor. legs. Sunwell Plateau. Felmyst (22%) Thunderheart Treads. Boots - Cat's Swiftness ... Sunwell Plateau. Eredar Twins (21%) Stormrage Signet Ring. finger 2. Black Temple. Illidan Stormrage (37%) Shard of Contempt. trinket 1. Magister's Terrace (H) Priestess. So armor pen only affects our melee dmg, witch for most boss fights is top dmg. I have stack a lot of armor pen in gems, i used to have 56.2% crit and 7.7kap, about, but now with the armor pen im down to 54.3% crit and 7.5k ap. I have not seen really any difference with the armor pen added. I am at 210 armor pen. I was thinking of gearing for armor pen and geming for agi.

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most bosses will have either 7700 or 6200 armor (there is a bunch of odd-shots).youll have some debuffs on that boss that will reduce armor (Sunder Armor, Faery fire, curse of recklessnes). the stat armor penetration is a flat armor reduce instead of a rating like it will be in wotlk.And once people will have access to a wide range of arp gear youll have different sets for different bosses ofc ....

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Your standard armor pen debuffs remove 4485 armor. IEA Reck FF. 6200-4485 leaves 1715 armor on the boss. So it’s standard damage reduction at that point is 12.5%. 1715/(1715-22167.5+34127.5) Removing 775 armor (940/(940-22167.5+35127.5))puts damage reduction at 7.2% meaning that level of armor pen is worth 5.3% damage increase on 6200 bosses..

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Jan 14, 2021 · This was mathed out back in TBC. The Armor Penetration is a nice boost, but remember that is coming at the expense of other stats, be it Crit, Expertise, Haste, or Hit. The best items aren’t necessarily going to be items with Armor Pen. Armor Pen also has a VERY easy to reach hard cap that greatly diminishes the value of Executioner procs..

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The Armor Penetration stat effectively reduces this residual armor value by the total amount of Armor Penetration on your gear plus any trinket procs, down to a minimum of 0 remaining armor. Armor Penetration is an example of a stat that exhibits increasing returns. This means that Armor Penetration becomes more and more valuable as you.

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